Kevin Miller / Business Developer & Personal Development Professional masquerading as a celebrity podcast host and doctor

The Ziglar Show

– Host of The Ziglar Show

Kevin has hosted The Ziglar Show for four years, bringing the message of personal development and inspiration developed by Zig Ziglar to today’s culture. Kevin takes top influencers and digs into their personal development stories and personal habits, and also publishes a weekly Q&A show. Each episode sees 35-40,000 downloads and the show has had over 30 million downloads it’s lifetime. / iTunes / Stitcher /

True Life Alliance

A HEALTH & WELLNESS revolution

Kevin is Co-founder and CEO of this new initiative that offers a revolutionary solution and alternative to traditional health insurance – Medical Cost Sharing – that can save people 50-60% on their monthly health care. After partnering in a Functional Medicine clinic and researching what motivates healthy decisions in people’s lives, we have developed a new product we believe will make a true dent in the “health care” industry. How? By incentivizing and rewarding people for their healthy decisions in a nation that currently subsidizes poor choices and by proxy penalizes those who invest in their wellness. We believe behavioral economics will be the answer to America’s cataclysmic rise in chronic illness and disease.


True Life Medicine

In 2014, Kevin partnered in his best friend Randy James’, MD Functional Medicine clinic, True Life Medicine. Together they transitioned the clinic out of the insurance model to a cash pay, membership. Functional Medicine gets to root cause issues of health and focuses on a comprehensive approach to wellness. It was from the success of radically changing people’s lives for the better in this practice, that True Life Alliance was conceived, with the goal of getting the Functional Message of “wellerness” to America. The clinic, located at 8,500′ up in the Rocky Mountains is Kevin’s HQ for all his business endeavors.


Lives high up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in an oversized house made of straw bales surrounded by national forest. One wife of 25 years, nine kids and one grandson. Loves to cook fine food, drink great wine & coffee, run glorious trails, listen to groovin’ music, play word games and have intriguing conversations about big ideas, kayak high mountain lakes, read profound and entertaining books, watch moving movies, go on remote beach getaways with his wife and strive to understand the love from a massive God. At least those things make for a good week…